If You Want To Achieve Your Full Potential As A Health Writer Sooner Rather Than Later…
Please Read This! 
BECOMING a health writer is hardly half the battle - now it’s time to focus on your business’ growth. This membership program will help you make all the right moves at the right time so you can reap the rewards of your hard work sooner rather than later. 
If You Want To Achieve Your Full Potential As A Health Writer Sooner Rather Than Later…
Please Read This! 
BECOMING a health writer is hardly half the battle - now it’s time to focus on your business’ growth. This workshop will help you make all the right moves at the right time so you can reap the rewards of your hard work sooner rather than later. 
Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN

An Open Letter To All Graduates Of My “Complete Guide To Content Marketing For Nurses”...

If you’re beyond excited to grow your business to its highest potential, keep reading! 

You’ve come a long way, but here’s where the REAL fun starts: Seeing exactly how far you can go as a freelance writer (with your clientele, quality of work, reputation, and finances). 
If you’re reading this, you’ve more than likely completed my course: Complete Guide To Content Marketing For Nurses...

Which means you’re way ahead of the game for a newcomer in the health writing industry. 

But for those who are still intimidated by the task of growing their business...

Our Journey Together Doesn’t Have To End Here

You don’t have to be in this alone if you don’t want to be! 

With all the hard work you’ve done to get your business started, you’ve proven you’re full of talent and entrepreneurial spirit.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you can do this on your own and crush it. 

But, here’s the thing...

If you’re still uncertain about what your next steps are to keep growing your business…

Or feel you’re wasting time spinning your wheels through trial-and-error...

Something’s gotta change! I say that because: 
  • You’ve done a LOT and you should be proud of yourself! This journey should be full of fun and excitement - not self-doubt and stress! 
  • ​If you’re lost in uncertainty any time you try to make a business decision on your own, it WILL reflect in your progress and hinder your accomplishments way more than necessary.  
Using the trial-and-error approach will waste valuable time you SHOULD be spending on client acquisition, which may hold your business back indefinitely OR, at the very least…

It’ll take way longer to achieve your big goals as a health writer. 

And you deserve to enjoy your success NOW! 

But If Indecision & Uncertainty ARE Holding You Back, Don’t Be Hard On Yourself...
It’s completely normal to feel uncertain of what to do next - even if you’re working through my course methodically and putting everything you’ve learned into practice. 

And if you’ve reached a snag with your business’ growth, that’s completely normal too. You aren’t an expert and no one expects you to be.  

If I could take EVERY SINGLE THING you need to know to start, build, grow, and maintain a highly lucrative business and put it into one little course… believe me, I would. 

But there’s SO much that goes into operating a business… A complete one-and-done course is just impossible (and it would be insanely long, even if it was!). 

However, I DO have more to teach you.

I’m NOT leaving you high and dry. 

And I AM dedicated to helping you reach your business goals easily & quickly. 

My RN2Writer STAT Membership Program Will Show You:
  • Earn a highly sustainable living on JUST your freelance writing business
  • ​Double up your free-time by learning the smartest ways to ATTRACT leads to YOU
  • ​Impress every client so much they’ll beg for more of your work 
  • ​Protect yourself and your business from legal issues 
  • ​Create the healthiest work-life balance to maximize your happiness & fulfillment 
  • ​Overcome any reservations you have with negotiating 
  • ​Meet all of your financial goals 
  • ​Work with MAJOR brands regularly 
  • ​Identify leads for LOIs and queries
  • ​Widen your niche so you can feel comfortable accepting ANY project that comes your way
I’m Here To Teach You Everything I Wish I Knew When I Stood In Your Position
EVERYTHING I contribute to fellow health writers comes straight from the heart. 

Following your passion with the support of passionate guidance is a sure-fire way to create the career - and overall life - of your DREAMS. 

There’s PLENTY of technical details to master for creating a lucrative business with longevity...

All of which I can teach you, because I’ve been where you are and successfully created what you’re trying to achieve (and I’ve helped countless others do the same!). 

But it doesn’t stop there. Beyond a health writing business course...

I also want to work directly WITH you and other health writers (on an ongoing basis) who are looking to grow their business. 

Coaching + Community = The Ultimate Package For Budding Nurse-preneurs
Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel about pursuing freelance writing...

Knowing I’ll be right there at your side, holding your hand and helping you get over, around, or through every obstacle that comes your way!

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of a community with other health writers who are right there with ya in the same boat. 

It’s pretty much the MOST support you can possibly get in growing your business, aside from working with me one-on-one (which I also offer, by the way). 

When you go through this program, here’s what will happen:

First, you’ll discover a newfound sense of clarity & confidence in your freelance abilities with all the support you’ll have in growing your business. 

Which will go a LONG way to get the max benefits of your health writing career SUPER fast. 

The next thing that’ll happen is this:

The Overwhelming Details Of Operating A Business Will Become EASY
Whether starting your business has been smooth-sailing or a rocky roller coaster, you’ll be able to take a HUGE sigh of relief knowing your business is on the road to success. 

You’ll know exactly how to do everything you can to protect your business, set it up for success, and achieve financial freedom - SOON.

AND you’ll LOVE the process of growing your business instead of feeling daunted or intimidated by it…

Now, let’s talk about...

Exactly What You’re Getting
First of all, this isn’t just a “coaching program”...

And this isn’t just a “career course”... 

It’s BOTH. 

It's a program designed to teach clinicians who’ve completed my content marketing course everything they need to know to take the next necessary steps to grow their business.

AND it includes access to the ONLY online forum dedicated to nurse writers committed to advancing their careers.

You’re getting walked through every step of getting from where you are now… to where you need to be for your ideal level of success. 

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Weekly coaching sessions with me (every Monday @ 12PM EST) to get your questions answered and discover my best secrets, tips, and tactics to help you earn a sustainable living from your writing
  • A recording and transcript of each coaching session (so you can watch it as often as you’d like, download the transcript to take notes, and never miss out on a session regardless of what comes up in your schedule) 
  • A brand new video training every month on MUST-KNOWS for health-writers (like Content Writing Fundamentals, Prospecting On LinkedIn, How To Use Press Releases For Pitching, and much more!)
  • Quarterly LIVE guest speakers (this is your opportunity to pick the brain of editors at publications like WebMD, ask a tax accountant your questions, and get direct advice from a well-known publicist!)
  • My 10-objective RN2Writer STAT course covering topics like how to secure anchor clients to generate ongoing monthly revenue, leveraging the power of proposals, and more 
  • Weekly emails with actionable tips, inspiration, and accountability checks to stay engaged and focused on your targets
  • Priority access to any job or gig leads received by RN2writer (this is HUGE if you’re just starting out!)
  • Access to the private STAT online community (this supportive group of fellow nurse-writers will give you the energy to keep pushing forward!)
  • Collaboration on your own & other’s materials; LOIs, websites, and more (in a SAFE space to give and receive support)
  • Recognition as a professional health writer and RN2riter member (including an official badge you can display on your website, LinkedIn, etc.)
Here's What To Do Next
For a limited time, you can join the RN2writer STAT Membership: Next-Level Coaching To Grow Your Business To Six Figures Faster membership program for just $109/month.

Sign up right now to get immediate access to the program. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering…

Yes, This WILL Work For You, Too!
This same program has helped countless health writers in various stages of their career overcome their business roadblocks and achieve their ideal vision of success - and quickly! 

You aren’t only learning what to do next with your business…

You’re learning exactly how to do it with me right there by your side to answer all your questions and teach you everything I wish I knew when I stood in your position. 
The Cost Of This Program Is Under $150/Month...But How Much Would It Cost NOT To Get It?
The stakes are higher than ever right now. 

Your business is up and running. You’ve already invested so much time, money, energy, and hope into getting where you are right now.

Only you can determine what you are and aren’t willing to risk when it comes to growing your business…

And how long you’re willing to wait to reap maximum reward for all of your hard work. 

All I can tell you is if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve saved SO much time, money, frustration, and heartache on the road to getting where I am today. 

And YOU have the opportunity to learn everything I had to learn the hard way, in the very start of growing your business.

And, as always, this program is...
Covered By My “No-Questions-Asked Guarantee”
If, for any reason, you decide the membership program is not for you, just let me know within the first 7 days for a full refund!

And if you decide to cancel any time thereafter, no problem. Your subscription will simply end on its next renewal date the following month.

You Don’t Have To Wait Any Longer Or Try To Figure This Out On Your Own
Click the button below to enroll in my RN2writer STAT Membership program today so you can experience the full benefits of becoming a health writer sooner rather than later. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and wish you prosperity and happiness!

~ Elizabeth Hanes
P.S. Just in case you’re like me and skip to the end of these letters, here's the deal:

I'm offering you a membership program that will help grow your health writing business and fast-track your success.

It includes weekly coaching sessions, monthly courses/tutorials, and quarterly special events each designed to help you generate sustainable monthly income, quit your bedside job, and live your dream career of being a professional writer.

For a limited time, you can join this monthly membership program for just $109/month.

There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not get signed up for anything else or get any annoying phone calls from a salesperson.

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