The Complete Guide To Content Marketing Writing For Nurses! 
You’ll grasp the freedom that can come with leaving your traditional nursing job behind.
The Six-Figure Secret
Learn the only THREE things you need to know to make big bucks as a nurse who writes health content
What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar
How the writing industry actually works
How your nursing background can amp up your income in other fields
What an "anchor client" is - and why they hold the key to your financial success
How to get high-paying clients (without any icky selling)
Meet Your Host
Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN
Beth made her full-time living as a freelance writer for a decade - bringing in over $100,000 year multiple times while only working about 24 hours a week.

Today, she finds joy in introducing other nurses to this fabulous, "secret" career! Nothing's more fun than showing nurses how easy it can be to become a professional writer...hearing their skepticism...and then sharing their excitement when they email to say, "I can't believe this is happening - and SO FAST!"

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